Topics covered 1988 - 1991

Topics covered in ACCU meetings 1988 - 1991

In addition to the standard items “News from CERN Management”, “Report on services from GS and IT departments”, and “Users’ Office News”, the following topics have been covered at ACCU meetings:

Meeting Date Topic
14 November 1991 Question and Answer session with the Director General
The CERN Housing Service
The CERN Medical Service
CERN Restaurant Committee Report
CERN Library
13 September 1991 The Role and Work of ACCU
Office Space
Access Cards
CERN Library
The CERN Housing Service
12 June 1991 The restructured PPE Division
The Fellows and Associates Service
Research Sector Electronics Pool: new regulations
The CERN Library
11 February 1991 The CERN Nursery School and Garderie
The restructured CN Division
Report on the Desk Top Publishing Service
10 December 1990 The impact of CERN’s Financial Problems on
Services to Users
9 October 1990 Academic and Technical Training
The CERN Nursery School and Garderie
Safety at CERN
8 July 1990 Financial and Insurance Cover for Users
The Subsistence Survey
Divisional Restructuring
Fellows and Associates Programme
7 March 1990 Financial and Insurance Coverage for Users
Divisional Restructuring
The Research Sector
St. Genis Hostel
6 December 1989 Financial and Insurance Cover for Unpaid Associates
Typing, editing and drawing services at CERN
EP Electronics pool
Theft and security audit
5 September 1989 Computing
4 June 1989 Transportation
Integration of family members
Links between ACCU members and their communities
3 April 1989 Instruments of understanding
Insurance cover and financial situation of users
Information to users
2 January 1989 Housing
Office space for users
User Office
Instruments of understanding
CERN identity card
1 December 1988 CERN at the service of its scientific users
Links between ACCU members and their communities
User representation on CERN Committees
Survey of topics to be discussed by ACCU
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