Topics covered 1992 - 1997

Topics covered in ACCU meetings 1992 - 1997

In addition to the standard items “News from CERN Management”, “Report on services from GS and IT departments”, and “Users’ Office News”, the following topics have been covered at ACCU meetings:

Meeting Date Topic
38 December 1997 Desktop Forum report
News from Member States: the future
Open Meeting
37 September 1997 News from Member States
Travelling Exhibitions
Research Sector Restructuring
A future open meeting
36 June 1997 Software Standards
Video Conferencing
Report from the Housing Fund
News from Member States
35 March 1997 The CERN Library
Access Control
Telephone Equipment
Low Cost Accommodation
34 December 1996 News from Member States
Computer Aided Engineering
Building 40 Progress Report
33 September 1996 News from Member States
Low Cost Accommodation
CERN Exhibitions
Electronics Pool Advisory Committee
World Wide Web
32 June 1996 News from Member States
Low Cost Accommodation
Relations with the Host States
31 March 1996 News from Member States
Life after CERNVM
The CERN Library
The World Wide Web
30 December 1995 News from Member States
Staff Matters
The running down of CERNVM
29 September 1995 News from Member States
Status Report on Building 40
General Safety Policy at CERN
Low Cost Accommodation
Staff Rules and Regulations
28 June 1995 Fellows and Associates
News from Member States
27 March 1995 News from Member States
Fellows and Associates
26 December 1994 News from Member States
Stores Cards
Electronic Pool Advisory Committee
Medical Service
Video Conferencing
25 September 1994 News from Member States
Electronic Pool Advisory Committee
Medical Service
Low cost accommodation
Antennae at CERN
24 June 1994 News from Member States
Migration (of Scientists in Europe)
Electronic Pool Advisory Committee
Restaurant Committee
Housing Fund Committee
23 March 1994 The States of ACCU
Relationship to the Staff Association
Electronic Pool Advisory Committee
Reports from ACCU Representatives on CERN Committees
CERN Annual Report
22 December 1993 Desktop Computing for Experiments + Divisional Responsibilities
The 1993 European Radiation Protection Directive
Use of CERN Cars
Finance and Accounting
21 September 1993 Restaurant No. 1 Upgrade
Use of CERN Cars
New Hostel and CERN Apartments
20 June 1993 Workshop Services at CERN
Telephone billing review
The work of the sub-group “Status of women at CERN”
19 March 1993 Restaurant No. 1
Library Matters
Computing at CERN
Status of women at CERN
Users’ Office Function
18 December 1992 New Hostel
Telephone billing
Cycle tracks
Academic Training
Electronics Pool Advisory Committee
Desk Top Publishing (DTP)
17 September 1992 Fellows and Associates
Safety at CERN
16 May 1992 Results of the Creche Survey
Academic Training Committee
Telephone billing
The Evian LHC Meeting
Restaurant Supervisory Committee report
15 March 1992 Finance and Accounting for Visiting Teams
Overview of Computing at CERN
Club Activities at CERN
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