Topics covered 1998 - 2003

Topics covered in ACCU meetings 1998 - 2003

In addition to the standard items “News from CERN Management”, “Report on services from GS and IT departments”, and “Users’ Office News”, the following topics have been covered at ACCU meetings:

Meeting Date Topic
62 December 2003 Report from the new Director General
CERN’s 50th anniversary
Report from IT division on Computing Matters
The Young Particle Physicists Association
Reports from ACCU representatives on other committees (Housing Fund Committee, Desktop Forum, and Restaurant Supervisory Committee)
Election of the ACCU Chair
61 September 2003 Reports from ACCU representatives on other committees (Academic Training Committee, Scientific Information Policy Board)
The CERN Education and Communication Group
Equal Opportunities at CERN
Registration plans for portables
60 June 2003 Reports from ACCU representatives on other committees (Housing Fund Committee, Desktop Forum, Scientific Information Policy Board)
Property Protection at CERN
59 March 2003 Reports from ACCU representatives on other committees (Housing Fund Committee, Restaurant Committee)
Health insurance news and survey
Equipment insurance on site
ACCU reporting mechanisms
58 December 2002 Fellows, Associates and Summer Student Programmes
Particle Data Book distribution
Revoking Computer accounts
Equipment insurance on site
Reports from ACCU representatives on other committees (Desktop Forum)
57 September 2002 Health Insurance Questionnaire
Host States Relations Service
Update on EP Space management
56 June 2002 CERN Cars
PIE procedures
EP Electronics Advisory Board
55 March 2002 CERN Health Insurance Scheme
Follow-up on Space management
Users’ Desktop needs
54 December 2001 Housing
Restaurant Supervisory Committee
53 September 2001 Logistics and self-service stores
EP Space management follow-up
How to improve IT User Support?
52 June 2001 EP Space management
EDH from the User's point of view
51 March 2001 Operational Circular No. 6
Fellows programme
Update on Computing Issues
50 December 2000 Equal Opportunities at CERN
The Summer Student programme
CERN Programme for Physics High School Teachers
49 September 2000 Report from ETT Division: The Press Office
Report from the Scientific Information Policy Board
Update on Computing Issues
48 June 2000 Revoking Computer Accounts
The CERN Visits Service
Housing Fund report
47 March 2000 The structure and role of ETT Division
Revoking Computer Accounts
46 December 1999 Outsourcing for orders < CHF 5000
Radiation Protection
Scientific Information Policy Board
45 September 1999 Open Access Publishing
Reports from ACCU representatives on other committees (Scientific Information Policy Board, Desktop Forum)
44 June 1999 Radiation Protection
Electronic Document Handling
Social Security for Users
Use of CERN Computing Facilities
43 March 1999 Social Security for Users
Graduate Students at CERN
42 December 1998 The CERN Stores
Physics Courses for Teachers
The CERN Kindergarten
41 September 1998 Policy for VMS and VXCERN
Funding for Basic Research in the EU
40 June 1998 WWW Access to Administrative Applications
Funding for the Library
Use of CERN Cars
Housing Fund report
39 March 1998 Report from SAPOCO
Outreach in Europe
Funding for the Library
Report from EPAC
Review of Written CERN Communications
Club Activities at CERN
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