Topics covered 2016 -

Topics covered in ACCU meetings 2016 -

In addition to the standard items “News from CERN Management”, “Report on services from SMB and IT departments”, and “Users’ Office News”, the following topics have been covered at ACCU meetings:

Meeting Date Topic
115 March 2017 News from the CERN Library
Summer Student Statistics
Reports from ACCU representatives on other Committees: Scientific Information Policy Board (SIPB)
114 December 2016 Proposal for AFS phase-out
Digital Privacy Statement
The Occupational Health & Safety and Environmental Protection unit HSE
eCars at CERN
Reports from ACCU representatives on other Committees: Housing Service Review
113 September 2016 The International School Ferney-Voltaire / St. Genis
The CERN Alumni Project
Changes in rules to obtain dosimeters
Changes of CHIS health insurance rules for MPAs
112 June 2016 The new International Relations sector
Results of Users' Survey on Communication
Questions and Answers on UBS Issues
111 March 2016 The new Microcosm
Health Insurance status
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